Trump threatens San Francisco with EPA violations over homelessness

While aboard Air Force One on Wednesday, Trump told reporters that the government will have to get involved if San Francisco doesn’t clean up their homeless problem. His new line of attack on the homeless and California cities includes citing San Francisco with EPA violations; however, it’s unclear exactly what EPA regulations the city has violated.

“In the case of Los Angeles it’s a disaster, in the case of, if you look at San Francisco it’s a total disaster what’s happening, what are they going to ruin those cities. We’re going to get involved very soon a federal basis if they don’t clean up their act.

One of the things that we’re very upset about and angry about is we’re paying a lot of money to Los Angeles to build the subway system, billions of billions of dollars, and you have tents all over the place, and really you have a sanitary issue because this water is rushing into the ocean. And this is supposed to be storm water, it’s not supposed to be sewage and you have these Democrat, liberal politicians, if they don’t straighten out the federal government will have to come in,” Trump said.


San Francisco’s mayor, London Breed called Trump’s comments ridiculous and noted that all debris that gets into the storm drains will eventually reach a wastewater treatment plant where it’s filtered out.

“No debris flow out into the bay or the ocean,” Breed told the Chronicle. “If the president wants to talk about homelessness, we are committed to working with our state and federal partners on actual solutions.”

California State Senator Scott Wiener also spoke out against Trump’s ridiculous comments and stated that Trump has made “homelessness and addiction worse by cutting healthcare and affordable housing.”

San Francisco supervisor Matt Haney says Trump took political shot at the city “to whip up his base of supporters.”

“Sounds completely ridiculous to me. I don’t know why we believe a word that comes out of his mouth at this point,” Haney said.

“There’s no EPA violation. This is someone who doesn’t even believe in environmental protections. This just sounds like nonsense. It’s unfortunate that the President of the United States is coming to San Francisco choosing to attack our city with lies rather than trying to assist us with more funding for affordable housing,” Haney said.

CBS San Francisco:

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