A Critique of Pelosi’s Impeachment Strategy

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Pelosi’s motivations appear to be political: fearful of losing her majority and fiercely protective of the more conservative members of her caucus, she has directed the impeachment proceeding to be as small, focused and palatable as possible, so as to placate moderate suburban voters and not to force her conservative members to take many difficult votes.

But by rushing impeachment, and focusing it so narrowly on only one of the president’s innumerable misdeeds, Pelosi may be making a grave political miscalculation, and wasting a precious opportunity for her party ahead of the 2020 presidential vote.

A quick turnaround on impeachment articles will mean, for example, that the House vote to impeach the president – an event of historic significance, which should hold national attention as a low point of Trump’s presidency and a vital moment of moral reckoning for the nation – will instead occur over the sleepy holiday season, when distractions are high and Americans’ attention is sparse.

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