AOC: ‘Won’t you look at that: Amazon is coming to NYC anyway’

Remember when Wing Nut World accused Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for “Amazon’s decision to pull out of a deal to establish a headquarters in Long Island City?”

Friday The Hill reported: Amazon said it had signed a new lease for a 335,000 square-foot space on Manhattan’s West Side, where it will take on more than 1,500 employees; yet in a silver lining for progressives, the move will not be accompanied by any special tax credits or other financial incentives.

The original order appeared on The Wall Street Journal:

AOC took her well deserved, victory lap:

Ocasio-Cortez was one of the leading opponents to Amazon’s move to the city, arguing that the city would shell out billions in incentives to attract the company and that the move would raise real estate prices beyond the means of local residents, forcing many to move. 

Who should be the next senator from California?

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