Tucker Carlson Criticizes Trump for Killing Soleimani


Fox News host Tucker Carlson has criticized Trump for his decision to kill Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, saying that the U.S. could be in a military conflict with Iran before his show airs again, and criticizing those who seem happy at the thought of it, specifically naming John Bolton and Sen. Ben Sasse.

“From Iran’s perspective, we’re already there. If Iranian forces killed the chairman of our joint chiefs of staff, for example, would you consider it an act of war?” Carlson added.

The Trump administration’s story is that Soleimani was posing an imminent threat to American military and diplomats. Carlson questioned whether Iran was actually an imminent threat, and whether Iran was our biggest threat.

“Is Iran really the greatest threat we face? And who’s actually benefiting from this? And why are we continuing to ignore the decline of our own country in favor of jumping into another quagmire from which there is no obvious exit? If we’re still in Afghanistan 19 years later, what makes us think there’s a quick way out of Iran?”

The rest of this story (and there is more) is at Newsweek.

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