Why is The Dotard babbling on about bombing Iranian cultural sites?

Donnie takes a page out ISIS' playbook

The threats started on Saturday evening when he tweeted a vow to respond to Iranian retaliation for Qassem Soleimani’s killing with an attack on “52 Iranian sites,” including locations “important to Iran & the Iranian culture.” American foreign policy observers reacted in horror. “American military forces adhere to international law. They don’t attack cultural sites,” tweeted Brett McGurk, the former US special envoy for fighting ISIS who served under both Obama and Trump. “Reckless and unprecedented words from a Commander-in-Chief.”

The president seems to believe, very fundamentally, that concerns about human rights and international law are pointless constraints on American power — that winning conflicts requires being harsher and more brutal than your opponents.

Trump seems to believe, very deeply, that the United States shouldn’t have to adhere to the law of war. He has moved to steal Syria’s oil deposits, repeatedly loosened rules of engagement aimed at limiting civilian casualties, and pardoned three convicted war criminals.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo