ICE to expand troubled California Detention Center despite findings of negligent care

Findings iclude: It was "more likely than not" that problems with medical care, "contributed to medical injuries, including bone deformities and detainee deaths."

The report dates to late 2017, but attorneys and advocates say the problems identified in the report have persisted. ICE declined to respond to specific findings in the report.

Like many other detention centers, the Adelanto facility is operated by a for-profit company — in this case, the GEO Group. The U.S. government is GEO’s single biggest customer, and the company has made nearly $1 billion in federal contracts over the past 12 months, according to government data.

***The report’s findings provide a window into the types of challenges presented by the Trump administration’s push to detain more immigrants who are awaiting asylum hearings or deportation proceedings. Under the president’s hard-line immigration policies, the number of immigrants in detention has grown to all-time highs, with private companies like GEO playing a central role in that system. While defenders say the crackdown is needed to help stem what they call a crisis on the southern border, immigration advocates say the growing reliance on detention has stretched an already troubled system to the breaking point.


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