NPR Reporter Dropped From Travels With Pompeo, NPR Seeks Clarification

The State Department has denied press credentials to an NPR reporter for an upcoming trip to Europe with Mike Pompeo, and NPR officials are seeking clarification regarding this trip and future trips.

NPR President and CEO John Lansing announced Tuesday in an e-mail to employees that a letter has been sent to the State Department in regards to Michele Keleman being dropped from the trip to Europe.

The actions of the State Department follow an interview with NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly which upset Mike Pompeo and prompted him to berate the reporter in private, cursing at her and insisting she find Ukraine on an unmarked map.

Lansing adds that he is committed to pursuing the issue because access to people in power is fundamental to the role of journalism in America.

Lansing concluded his note to NPR staff by acknowledging the support the network has received: “Over the past several days, listeners far and wide have taken the time to write to us with praise for Mary Louise, Michele, and your collective work. They want us to keep going and not give up. I can tell them and all of you, that we are committed to supporting the great journalism and ethical values of NPR News.”

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