Michael Bloomberg Says Bernie Would’ve Beat Trump

Bloomberg blames the DNC for Trump's presidency. He also unwittingly screwed himself in the process. This is just too good.

This video was posted on twitter and David Doel played it on his YouTube channel. Bloomberg’s own words are:

“There was a guy…Bernie Sanders, who would’ve beaten Donald Trump; the polls show he would’ve walked away with it but Hillary Clinton got the nomination for a variety of reasons.”

He’s right you know. The polls for the swing states that Hillary lost DID say that Bernie would have walked away with it. This is not just a condemnation of the DNC’s shenanigans in 2016 but is also vindication for all the Sanders supporters that Democrats have tried to blame for Hillary’s loss. I think that we all know what Mike means when he says “a variety of reasons”.

At the time, I don’t think that Bloomberg was considering running for president but now that he is, he’s really screwed himself over because he can’t now say that Bernie isn’t able to beat Trump.

Opinion and video submitted by, Avro Arrow.