Florida Man says dialysis center won’t allow life-sized Trump as emotional support!

Some guy with a Trump cut-out.

Nelson Gibson is refusing to undergo his dialysis treatment after staffers at a Port St. Lucie hospital told him he would have to leave his calming cardboard Donald Trump image behind.

Gibson says he won’t go back until the hospital backs down from their “political correct censorship”.

Gibson’s son Eric says his father “believes that God had placed Trump in his path to help him along this journey.

Gibson isn’t allowed to bring family members with him to the treatment sessions.

So he started bringing a portrait-sized image of Trump. Then he brought a medium-sized cut-out of his political hero, and the staff was fine with that.

But they balked at the life-sized cardboard image last week. So Nelson Gibson refused to undergo the treatment and went home.

The hospital says it is all for patients supporting their candidates, just not with bulky cut-outs.

NY Daily News

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