Joe Biden and Trump spoke about how to handle the COVID-19 crisis

Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden on Monday spoke to President Donald Trump, his likely rival in November, about his response to the coronavirus outbreak, NBC News reported.

The call came hours after Trump teased the Democratic front-runner on Twitter about his offer to provide advice on how to handle the response to the pandemic ravaging the nation.


“Well, I – we contacted – we got back to the White House indicating that we were prepared to talk if he would like that, and as recently as 5 minutes before I got on your show, I got a call from the White house asking if I could speak with Miss Conway at 3:15 or thereabouts, so I hope it means we’re going to talk,” Biden said in the interview.

“And all I can do is offer the President the things that we prepared, not the same exact thing, but give him my view of what the lessons learned and what I think we should be doing. And I’m not here to criticize him, I’m here to try to promote more rapid response to the things that have to be acted on. But I’m ready to do that.”

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