Pastor under house arrest defies court order and holds packed church service!

Preacher Spell shows off his ankle bracelet to the congregation


Says “God gave you an immune system to fight that virus … Come out of your hiding, America.”!

Louisiana Pentecostal preacher, Tony Spell, of Life Tabernacle Church in Central led services inside the church and sought donations to his legal defense despite being placed on house arrest after refusing to tell a judge whether he would continue to lead services at the church.

Pastor Spell was arrested and jailed on Tuesday after allegedly threatening to run over a protester in a church school bus. He has disputed the protester’s account and claimed his innocence. His wife Shaye posted his $5,000 bail later that day.

Shaye Spell with a wad of money to bail out her husband last week.


Churchgoers waved signs reading “I Stand With Pastor Spell” as he preached and sang from the pulpit in a livestreamed video of his service. An ankle bracelet monitoring his location was visible around his pants.

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