Trump claims he’s a ‘hard worker’ and has ‘probably gotten more done in the first 3 1/2 years than any President in history’

In a series of tweets, Trump defended his work habits by claiming:

According to Mediaite: (The initial tweets were removed and replaced since the president initially spelled hamburger “hamberger.”)

The New York Times article that has Trump rage tweeting was titled, ‘A Sour President, With TV His Constant Companion’ and two people wrote it.

Trump arrives in the Oval Office these days as late as noon, when he is usually in a sour mood after his morning marathon of television.

He has been up in the White House master bedroom as early as 5 a.m. watching Fox News, then CNN, with a dollop of MSNBC thrown in for rage viewing. He makes calls with the TV on in the background, his routine since he first arrived at the White House.

But now there are differences.

The president sees few allies no matter which channel he clicks. He is angry even with Fox, an old security blanket, for not portraying him as he would like to be seen. And he makes time to watch Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s briefings from New York, closely monitoring for a sporadic compliment or snipe.

Trump didn’t just stop with just attacking The Times. He then decided to go off on maybe the ‘Noble’ {sic} Peace Prize or the Pulitzer Prize committees. We’ll find out when he blames someone for pointing out his usual gross display of ignorance.

“On top of misspelling “Nobel,” it would appear the president is mixing up Pulitzer prizes with Nobel prizes.”

UPDATE: That’s odd. Seems like the ‘stable genius’ may have removed the above tweets about the ‘Noble’ Peace Prize and replaced them with an attack on Fox ‘News.’

The alternative to Fox ‘News’ that Trump suggests could be even worse, OANN. YIKES!

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