[Opinion] Don’t praise the rich for their tiny handouts.

“We have so many miseries in American society because rich people are hoarding all of our resources. We shouldn’t applaud them when they toss us a few dollars as philanthropy.”

That’s a very sad but true statement from The Ultrarich Don’t Deserve Our Gratitude for Small Acts of Philanthropy

The wealthy toss their table scraps to the poor as a small gesture meant to mask the problems that they, and the politicians they have bought and paid for, have caused. Instead of paying their share in taxes that could be used to fund healthcare or fix infrastructure or help us prepare for a disaster,  they fought for lower taxes for themselves. A battle they all to easily won.

Meanwhile, we don’t have a healthcare system that works for everyone, our roads are crumbling, and our schools underfunded. We as a country were, and still are, completely unprepared to handle an epidemic.

Showering the ultra-wealthy adulation when they throw a few loaves of bread to the hoards of the poor and needy people that made them their fortunes is absolutely undeserved considering what good they could be doing.


Article submitted by, ScotInManhattan.