The White House releases Trump’s physical exam results

Trump “remains healthy” and suffered no side effects from taking the drug hydroxychloroquine as a protection against the novel coronavirus, his White House doctor said Wednesday as part of a general annual health update.

  • He gained ONE pound since his last physical and now weighs in at 244 pounds, which is considered medically obese.
  • His cholesterol level dropped 29 points and now stands at 167.
  • The White House did not share the results of Trump’s mysterious, Nov. 16 visit to Walter Reed.

“Following the diagnosis of covid-19 in two West Wing staffers this past May, as a preventative measure, the president took a two-week course of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), with zinc and vitamin D,” Conley wrote in the summary report issued by the White House.

“This was done in consultation with his appropriate care team members and close monitoring of the electrocardiogram (EKG) for changes in QT level,” Conley wrote, referring to tests measuring the electrical activity of the heart.

Conley did not say that he prescribed the drug. Nor did he say who did if he did not prescribe it.

The Washington Post:

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