HBO Max Series Bans Elmer Fudd’s Rifle!

HBO Max opted out of showing guns at all on the new show, giving Fudd a scythe instead. Peter Browngardt, an executive producer of the updated series, told the New York Times, “We’re not doing guns.” He added, “But we can do cartoony violence –TNT, the Acme stuff.”

The call to ban guns was reportedly due to U.S. gun violence. Though despite this change, Browngardt wanted to clear the air and assure fans that the modernized cartoon will keep the spirit of the originals intact. He explained, “I always thought, ‘What if Warner Bros. had never stopped making Looney Tunes cartoons? As much as we possibly could, we treated the production in that way.”

Have you evew wanted to post Ewmew Fudd gibbewish? Hewe’s youw big chance. Dis is a Ewmew Fudd twanswatow fow dose not fwuent in Fudd speak. 

    Ewmew Fudd twanswatow    

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