Free Chat Friday, Week 26

We chat with each other not at each other; we chat to vent, connect, laugh and solve.

Happy Friday, News Viewers — check out your calendars, you’ll see a shocking thing — another month come and gone. Remember February, March? Against the backdrop of a new strain of the Coronavirus, we soldiered on, never suspecting what was to come, we, the US, big and bad, brought to our knees in more ways than one.

The latest interesting development is that Donald Trump, through rank incompetence, got what he, his handlers, his fixers, his guys campaigned to do in 2016 —the US is isolated, other countries don’t want US crossing their borders, the courts are stacked with Alt-Right Republicans, environmental regulations are disabled, fossil fuels are king, Trump has his own News/Propaganda Arm, Trump has his own system of law enforcement, military and his own economy separate from that of the rest of us, with almost no taxation and limitless perks.

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. What was accelerated by a tiny virus — this New U S with loser leadership and a powerless population, can go either way. We the people can keep talking about how disastrous the Trump term has been, how delusional and psychotic he is, or we can vote out every Alt Right Conservative in the branches of government nationally and locally, and remake this mother into what we know it needs to be.

One person, one vote, one action, our only hope. It’s A great day to chat about it; tune these crazies out, and resolve. What do you think? What’s gone on in your week, your neck of the woods? It matters because we’re each the microcosms of the whole— and so we’ve learned hope, platitudes, the status quo, and division JUST don’t work for us. The end of another month, but the US isn’t finished yet. . . ;