It’s 5:00 Somewhere

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Well, there’s no place like home for the holidays, ’cause it matters how far away you roam. When you long for the safety of being virus-free, for the holidays, you can’t beat home sweet home.

On any other Fourth of July weekend, I’d find myself doing a search for some local fireworks displays, and trying to convince my better half to figure out a good viewing location. I never have had much luck. I love to watch those elaborate and expensive fireworks displays, but I hate the crowds and traffic. And now that (at least in our state) it’s legal, if stupid, to ignite those combustibles filled with gunpowder and chemicals in the serene beauty of your own back yard, the past few years we’ve seen all we need to see from our own front porch. I do, however, miss the “good stuff.”

We are having an extended heatwave, so even firing up the grill is not very appealing. Thankfully we’re stocked with lots of ice cold watermelon, pasta salads, and crispy veggies. And of course, plenty of icy cold beverages. I may even drag out the blender this weekend and see what happens.

But my bigliest excitement is to fire up Disney+ and get my Hamilton on at some point this weekend. I can see myself even sipping a Hamiltini — Vodka, Sour Apple Liquer, and Lemon/Lime Soda.

It’s 5:00 somewhere, and if you’re looking for something quasi-patriotic to inspire you for Independence Day, I’ll leave you with a clip from the Tony Awards in 2016, with an intro by a real American President, and a glimpse of an exciting musical.

Cheers, NV Friends, make it a holiday however you can!