New York City starts painting Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower

Rev. Al Sharpton and Mayor De Blasio join in the painting

New York City started painting a Black Lives Matter mural Thursday on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower. 

The planned mural had provoked the ire of President Donald Trump, who slammed the mural on Twitter earlier this month as “denigrating” the street, antagonizing the city’s police, and creating a “symbol of hate” on “New York’s finest street.” 

USA Today

“He (Trump) also accused Mayor de Blasio of hating and disrespecting police for supporting the BLM painting, which Trump referred to as a “symbol of hate.”

The Mayor responded by saying … “Here’s what you don’t understand: Black people BUILT 5th Ave and so much of this nation. Your ‘luxury’ came from THEIR labor, for which they have never been justly compensated. We are honoring them. The fact that you see it as denigrating your street is the definition of racism.”


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