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Ruby Musso, left

This is one of the many memorable lines heard in a now-viral video captured by Ruby Musso at Molly’s Spirits in Lakeside,(Colorado) one of two locations in the homegrown chain. In the clip, Molly’s staffers and customers repeatedly beseech Musso to leave the liquor store because she refuses to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while she forcefully asserts what she describes as her legal right to leave her face uncovered and insists that Molly’s management is in error by refusing to offer her service.

“I was harassed and assaulted, then thrown out of Molly’s Spirits in Lakeside, Colorado for not wearing a mask,” Musso wrote in her intro to the video about the business, located at 5809 West 44th Avenue; Westword named it Best Liquor Store for Price in our 2018 Best of Denver issue. “A customer ran her cart into me, workers and managers shoved me and put their hands in my face. Lakeside cops did nothing. I asked cops to get her, so I could press charges and they refused.”


If you can stand anymore of  Ruby Musso go here to hear her version of events.


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