Detroit Cop Shoots Dog In It’s Own Fenced Yard

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Ring doorbell footage of the incident, which has since gone viral, shows a Detroit officer walking along a residential sidewalk with a K-9 officer on a leash when a white medium-sized dog runs up to its home’s front gate. The two dogs run together on opposite sides of the fence, then the K-9 approaches the gate and the white dog latches itself onto the K-9’s snout.

The officer/dog handler then pulls her gun and shoots the fenced dog in the head.

“Her partner was being attacked and we demand that our officers protect not only themselves but their partners and citizens. At this point it was a clear and present danger; her dog was being viciously harmed,” said Detroit Police Commander Darin Szilagyi in an interview Friday. “It’s unfortunate it came to this, we don’t like to see any animal hurt.”

  • The officer/dog handler will not be reprimanded.
  • Police Commander Szilagyi said the fence was “inconsistent with city code”, apparently being too close to the sidewalk.
  • The police claim that they asked the homeowner to “secure the dog”. 
  • The police say they were looking for a weapon that may have been tossed in a yard.
  • The K-9 “officer” had puncture wounds and rip to it’s skin.
  • Detroit Police Commander Darin Szilagyi  said he’s a dog lover and owns several. He said “Keep your dogs in the backyards and this won’t be an issue.”

Detroit Free Press



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