House Republicans unveil their stellar agenda: ‘Restore, Rebuild, Renew’

We are announcing our Commitment to America with three specific objectives: restore our way of life, rebuild the greatest economy in history, and renew the American dream. 

Republicans think they can flip the House and make ‘Leader’ McCarthy the Speaker of the House; they need 17 seats to accomplish this goal.

With just 50 days left until the November election, Kevin McCarthy is unveiling a blueprint that he hopes will bolster the GOP’s long-shot bid to take back the House — or at least help the party chip away at the Democratic majority.

McCarthy, the House minority leader, plans to roll out the GOP’s election-year agenda on Tuesday, aiming to win over voters with broad calls for defeating the coronavirus, supporting law enforcement and rebuilding the battered U.S. economy.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy: America, if Republicans take the House in November, here’s the agenda we’ll commit to

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