Following SCOTUS, Trump reimposes “public charge” immigration wealth test

The Trump administration on Tuesday said it is reimposing its “public charge” wealth test for green cards that had been blocked during the pandemic, a move likely to alarm advocates, who have warned about the policy’s impact on immigrant communities ravaged by the coronavirus.

The 2019 rule, which gives officials more power to deny permanent residency to applicants the government deems rely or could rely on public benefits like food stamps or housing vouchers, was blocked in late July by a federal judge who found it was hampering efforts to contain the virus.

Citing declarations by doctors and local officials who said immigrants across the country feared they could jeopardize their immigration status by seeking medical treatment and government aid during the pandemic, Judge George Daniels blocked the policy’s implementation for the duration of the national coronavirus emergency.

However, subsequent orders by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, including one earlier this month, limited and ultimately suspended Daniel’s ruling, allowing the Trump administration to again enforce the public charge test.


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