Free Chat Friday, Week 39

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Happy Friday, News Viewers, after a week like this, the question is “what do we chat about on a Friday during a Pandemic when we’re locked down so we don’t add ourselves to 202,000 others with coronavirus, when our entire system of democracy is about to crash and burn because our “president” and foreign powers are trying to destroy our faith in elections, in institutions of government, in law, in order, and in the free press, when the planet we live on is burning, blowing, flooding, and when birds are falling out of the sky and Orcas and Grizzly bears and cougars have a certain glint in their eyes that says “do you feel lucky?

****Good morning, News Viewers. Although this is Rachel’s fine work as usual, I will be your host today, Ms. G. Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves about pretty much anything you choose. But remember, this isn’t a chat room. Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!