Plan B: How to Move to Canada if Trump Gets Re-Elected

The presidential elections are taking place during a pandemic with global lockdowns, and that means that if you are fleeing an unfortunate 2020 election snafu and decide to move to Canada, it’s not so easy.

Canada currently has a ban on non-essential travel and not likely to be changing that status anytime soon, so crossing the border to tour for six months is not an option.

However if you apply for a visa under certain circumstances, you would be allowed to enter and stay in accordance with the terms of your visa. There are a few effective ways to make it happen.

A Professional Work Visa

You would need a job offer from a professional occupation from a Canadian employer. If you have an offer from an approved list of occupations such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, hotel managers, college professors, management consultants and many others, you can apply for your work permit right at the border (a port of entry), or file an inland application if you are legally already in Canada. There is an actual list here.

An Intra-Company Transfer

An employee of an American company in a managerial or executive role, or one with specialized knowledge can be transferred to a Canadian company, parent, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate, to perform the same duties. You would have to prove at least one year of employment from the company, and show a significant benefit to Canada — such as employing other Canadians or investing serious money or cultural benefit.

Traders and Investors

You would have to invest a serious amount of capital in Canada, showing trade in goods or services between the U.S. and Canada, or doing business for themselves in Canada, like buying a business to operate or something like a franchise hotel.

Student Visa

High quality educations in Canada are much less expensive than in the U.S. and admissions are relatively straightforward. An international student advisor can help with the process of obtaining a student visa. Applying to a university and meeting the financial requirements is usually enough to get you in and get you access to the job market for up to 20 hours per week, and full time during the scheduled school breaks.

Here is the link to the Canadian immigration website.

Eh, seriously, wouldn’t it be easier to just vote Trump out?

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