Michigan worker requires 13 stitches after slicing fingers on booby-trapped Trump-Pence sign

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An employee with Commerce Township had been instructed to remove the campaign sign because it violated a city ordinance, according to a press release from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office obtained by CNN.

The sign was “located 24 [feet] from the center of the road clearly in the right of way.” City rules state that signs, whether they’re political or for events like garage sales, need to be 33 feet from the street.

A 52-year-old city inspector who was not named was tasked with moving the sign and was cut by razor blades attached to the bottom. A second Trump sign was also discovered with a similar sharp device.

“Several signs were taken from property that had several razor blades taped all the way along the bottom of the sign,” officials wrote.

The homeowner told deputies “their signs were taken and when they returned from out of town the signs were back in their yard,” the release read. “The homeowner denies any knowledge of the blades.”

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