Mar-a-Lago is taxed as a private club, not a residence. So can President Trump vote as a Florida man?

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President Donald Trump is planning to cast his ballot in person for the first time in Palm Beach County this weekend.

But some have questioned whether he can legally vote as a Florida man because his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach is taxed as a private club and not as a residential property. Jim Watson, a Boynton Beach resident, filed an elections fraud complaint in June challenging Trump’s ability to vote in Florida, The Washington Post reported.

Trump intends to cast his ballot Saturday at one of Palm Beach County’s 18 early-voting sites, White House officials said. In the two primary elections earlier this year, he voted by mail.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Wendy Link says Mar-a-Lago’s zoning status is irrelevant in whether he can register to vote using that address.

“Whether a person considers that location his or her home is what matters,” Link said. “For voting purposes, a voter can claim a park bench as their residence, if that is where they spend their time.”

Source: South Florida Sun Sentinel