Liveblog - Afternoon Flurry: Headlines you may have missed-10/29/20

All the crazy news that’s fit to print!

  • In Four new polls of Florida, Biden has leads of 3, 4, 5, and 7 as each campaign holds a dueling pair of Florida rallies today  ( Politico )
  • By tomorrow, the early vote in Texas is likely to be bigger than all of the 2016 vote in Texas  ( Forbes )
  • Election litigation:  Over 300 lawsuits have been filed in 44 states, virtually all of which are either by Republicans trying to suppress the vote or Democrats trying to expand it  ( ABC News ).
  • America has already recorded over 74,000 new Covid-19 cases today with thousands more to come, as Dr Fauci says America is on the “wrong track” for containing the virus and that “Normal” may not return till 2022  ( CNN ).
  • Dirtbag Alert!:  Trumper resigns from Florida vote-counting board after donations to the Trump campaign have come to light  ( USA Today ).
  • Florida Man vs. Big Kitty:  A Florida man paid 150 dollars for a “full contact experience” with a black leopard at the backyard zoo of some wannabe Tiger king scumbag.  HE GOT IT.  He also got multiple surgeries to reattach his scalp and right ear.  (Florida Fox station ).

Headlines compiled by, 22SnakePlissken5150.

  • Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true

    “We’re rounding the turn.”


  • Numerous Cultists sent to the hospital after Trump rally in Florida

    First it was the cold, now it’s the heat:

    Nearly a dozen attendees at Trump’s rally in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday were sent to the hospital after waiting for hours in the steamy heat.

    Officials with Tampa Fire Rescue told NBC News that one attendee fainted during the president’s rally, another had a seizure and 10 were taken to the hospital just listed as “sick” with no further details.

    The Hill:


  • Kamala Harris target of more misinformation on social media than VP Pence, data shows


    Social media posts included racist claims that she was ineligible to serve in the White House or that she was lying about her Black and Indian heritage. Her mother is from India and her father from Jamaica.

    Since being named to the presidential ticket, Harris has been at the center of online misinformation campaigns far more often — four times as much — than the white men who campaigned for the same job, according to a report from media intelligence firm Zignal Labs shared exclusively with The Associated Press.

    “The narratives related to Kamala Harris zeroed in much more on her personal identity, especially as a woman of color,” said Jennifer Granston, head of insights at Zignal Labs.

  • A blue moon for Halloween

  • CA prepares for civil unrest following the election


    Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday that California is taking precautions in case of civil unrest on election night amid an emotional and partisan presidential campaign, in a state where voters overwhelmingly oppose President Donald Trump.

    “As it relates to making sure people are safe, making sure not only the process of voting is a safe and healthy one, but keeping people safe after the election for whatever may occur, the answer is yes, we are always gaming out different scenarios and making sure that we are prepared,” the governor said when asked about possible election night chaos.