GOP Sen. James Lankford Promises to ‘Step In’ If Biden Isn’t Getting NatSec Intel Briefings by Friday

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In an interview with Russell Mills of KRMG Tulsa, the Oklahoma senator acknowledged that Biden had been called the victor by all the news networks, but said President Donald Trump was within his rights to mount legal challenges against any voting irregularities. (However, there is no evidence of the kind of widespread voter fraud necessary to overturn the result in any of the swing states.)

“That should be resolved by Friday,” Lankford said, of Biden’s lack of intelligence access. “[General Services Administration] has to certify that election to start turning it around. The first day they can do that on the calendar is Friday. And when that occurs, they should actually step in and, I will tell you, I’m on the committee of oversight, I’ve already started engaging in this area.”

Lankford then noted that during the protracted legal recount fight over the 2000 election, then-President Bill Clinton granted then-Texas Governor George W. Bush intelligence briefing access weeks before the Supreme Court ultimately ruled in his favor.


Earlier Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) called on President Trump to start cooperating with President-elect Biden’s transition team in an interview Tuesday with Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.



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