Christian Creationist: ‘God Gave Us Nasal Bones Because He Knew We’d Need Glasses Someday’!

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In a recent installment of  Answers in Genesis’ bi-weekly show Answers News, Creationist, Dr. Jennifer Rivera, explains how to tell the difference between primate and human skulls.

“God designed humans very specifically, with this nasal bone, because He knew, because of sin, we’d be wearing glasses and contacts, right?” she said while using a chimp and human skull as comparatives. “So this helps hold our glasses. Primates have no need to wear glasses, so they were not created with that bone there.”

In sum, God knew we’d be sinners, and he knew that one day he’d slap us with worsening eye sight as we age as punishment for those sins, so he preemptively equipped us with nasal bones to support the technology that he knew would effectively counter his punishment. (But he loves us)


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