COVID 19 UPDATES: 11 / 30 / 2020

It was a grim Thanksgiving weekend.

WORLDOMETER stats for the 4 day Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

  • +617,607 new Covid cases
  • 13.87 million total Covid cases
  • +4,838 new Covid deaths
  • 273,094 total Covid deaths

Note:  For the holiday weekend, the reported deaths and new cases were much lower than normal, with backlogged data reported in the next, few days

JOHNS HOPKINS stats for the holiday weekend:

Nationwide, our covid positive test rate is at 9.6% and trending back upwards, from a low of 9.4% on Friday.  Five states, plus DC, have a positive rate of 5% or less, while a whopping 32 states have a positive rate of 10% or greater.  Fourteen states have a positive rate of 25% or greater.

As measured by new cases per 1,000 residents, the upper midwest is still surging, with Minnesota as the epicenter.  Noticeable surges exist in New Mexico and Alaska as well.

COVID TRACKING PROJECT stats for the holiday weekend:

  • Hospitalized  93,265  (+3,306 over last 4 days)
  • In ICU Ward  18,201  (+675 over last 4 days)
  • On Ventilator  6,245  (+255 over last 4 days)

Hospital and ICU beds used by Covid patients have set new records each day, while the Ventilator numbers fastly approached the record set in May.

Data compiled by, 22SnakePlissken5150.