Last Call: December 12, 2020-Someday at Christmas

Yes, I know I’m late with this week’s entry but, I’m so trying to get into the Holidays and it just seems that no matter how hard I try, well, it’s just not the same.

Thanks, Tump, the Trumpvirus, 2020—I don’t know what to do.  I’m not a religious person; I gave up religion for Lent years ago but I still celebrate the holidays.  I don’t know what to do this year because I’m lost and it feels so lonely and strange

For all of my life, we always celebrated Christmas Eve (an Italian thing). When my sons were younger, we celebrated Santa’s arrival on Christmas day but as they grew up,  Christmas Day would feature  leftovers from the night before; we went to my parents’ house, played games and music, then, watched basketball.  This year—I am so lost. The only thing that might be the same would be music and basketball, maybe.

I live in CA; we can’t do Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  So, those years, yesteryears, of a ton of seafood, pasta, wine, music, Italian desserts, and a TON OF PEOPLE OVER HERE are just a memory.  My son who is in my ‘bubble” works Christmas Eve so, it’s just my husband and me.  WTF do you do? How do you celebrate a day that once included a feast and only two people will attend?  Any suggestions? I’m already nostalgic for yesteryears.

One of the reasons for my tardiness was…I baked off some of cookies. I might as well get them prepared and ready to give to my family and friends…anything to try to stay busy and not be such a scrooge.

I actually went out bought some clothes for two little princesses and heard one of my favorite Christmas songs and broke down in tears.  Actually, I heard it the night before while making dinner and almost…almost…broke down in tears but, it got me in Ross of all places. Thank goodness for dark, prescription sunglasses, even in the rain, but that’s how I roll.  

I’ve always loved this song, especially Stevie Wonder’s version. But…I like Andra Day because she reminds me of Billie Holiday. The two together make it even better. It’s the lyrics that get me…every year.

So, what’s up with you guys this boring ass Christmas and New Year’s Eve? I don’t even like New Year’s Eve but I want 2020 the hell on out of here so, we better have plenty of wine and prosecco on hand to help shove it where it belongs—up some MAGAt’s ass!

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic or whatever, feel free to post some holiday music or whatever you want to uplift everyone’s spirits. I know I’m not the only one feeling a bit down.

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