Known white supremacist, pedophilia advocate, Nathan Larson arrested on cross-country trip with girl, 12


Fresno County Sheriff Mims said detectives learned that Larson, a resident of Catlett, Virginia, met the girl previously through social media, flew to California & persuaded her to sneak out of her house around 2 a.m. Monday. They took a rideshare car to the Fresno Airport, where they board a plane bound for D.C.

They were identified on layover in Denver.

Federal agents searched Larson’s house and discovered that during the past 2months since meeting her online in October, Larson persuaded the girl to send him pornographic images of herself…. During the search, Larson’s 69-year-old father assaulted a federal agent & was arrested, she said.


NL ran and lost a 2017 campaign to become a member of the Virginia House of Delegates…He ran as an independent and his platform included advocating for fathers to be able to marry their daughters, legalizing child pornography and suppressing women’s rights.

Source  APnews , DenverCBS

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