Why Josh Hawley’s move could endanger Senate Republicans

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Hawley’s announcement that he will object to the certification of the election results from at least one state on January 6 turns what was going to be a ceremonial process into an actual headache for Republican rank-and-file.

Republican senators will essentially be choosing Wednesday between a vote on an election most acknowledge was fair and their political futures. Hawley contacted leadership and let them know of his plans ahead of time, but the announcement has still baffled Republican members and aides alike.

“It’s the height of selfishness to subject nearly all his colleagues to a backlash from conservatives just so he can kickstart his presidential campaign,” one Republican aide said. “Reminds me of the brilliant ‘shut down the government to defund Obamacare’ strategy.’ This will turn out the same way and he knows it.”

Why Josh Hawley’s move could endanger Senate Republicans (msn.com)

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