Josh Hawley Says “Antifa Scumbags” Terrorized His Family Home

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley said that on Monday protesters visited his family home in Virginia and threatened his wife and daughter while he was in Missouri.

Protesters from the democracy advocacy group ShutDownDC said Monday they held a vigil at Hawley’s home. According to the group’s website, the demonstrators “lit candles and delivered a copy of the US Constitution to Hawley’s door.”

The group shared a 50-minute video that showed protesters writing in chalk on the sidewalk, speaking through a megaphone, and leaving a copy of the Constitution on the front porch. When police arrived, they asked the protesters to quiet down, but stood by as the protest continued.

Still, Hawley called them “Antifa.”

Hawley was the first Senator to announce he would challenge the electoral college vote by Congress on Wednesday.

Bret Baier of Fox News confronted Hawley on Monday night about his planned attempt to upend the election.

“Are you trying to say that as of Jan. 20, that President Trump will be president?” Baier asked the Missouri senator.

“Well, Bret, it depends on what happens on Wednesday. It’s why we have the debate,” Hawley replied.

“No, it doesn’t,” the Fox News anchor said.

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