Trump Campaign Shares Wrong Number for Michigan’s Lee Chatfield, Citizen Bombarded

The Trump campaign shared a private phone number to Twitter and Facebook for what they claimed to be Michigan’s (former) Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield.

Shortly thereafter, the official Donald Trump Facebook page shared the post, which called for Michigan to decertify its presidential election ballots.

In 24 hours, a former Michigan resident, 28-year-old O Rose, had received hundreds of texts and calls from people who thought they were reaching Lee Chatfield.

“I can’t take any more voicemails, my voicemail (box) has 44 voicemails in it right now,” Rose said. “Endless, endless texts. I deleted a bunch, and now that I’m thinking about it, I probably shouldn’t have, because I was just overwhelmed … It’s just ridiculous.”

“I told them I was not Lee Chatfield, but they would still not believe me,” they said. “It was just a string of people progressively denying reality.”

Detroit Free Press