Wisconsin Priest Who Held Voter Fraud Exorcisms Leaves Diocese


A conservative Madison priest and blogger has left the Diocese of Madison after performing livestreamed exorcisms aimed at rooting out what he, former President Donald Trump and other Trump supporters have falsely claimed was widespread fraud in the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Madison Catholic Bishop Donald Hying said that he did not give Rev. John Zuhlsdorf permission to conduct exorcisms related to “partisan political activity,” but rather several months ago approved an exorcism “for the intention of alleviation from the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops defines an exorcism as “a specific form of prayer that the Church uses against the power of the devil.” Hying’s permission allowed for the exorcism of a place, locality or things, but not of a person, according to the diocese.

Zuhlsdorf said that there is now a “cancel culture” infecting the Church and added that “there is a Catholic Antifa now.”

Wisconsin State Journal

◾️Zuhlsdorf’s exorcisms have since been removed from YouTube, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

◾️Spoiler alert, the exorcisms didn’t work!

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