Kevin McCarthy to Give Marjorie Taylor Greene a Good Talk, but So Far No Action

After it was found that Marjorie Taylor Green liked the idea of executing Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, nothing has been done.

On Wednesday morning, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he “planned to have a conversation” with Greene.

Greene’s committee assignments have not been announced, but she says she will be on an education committee.

So far Greene has liked the following punishments for her political foes:

  • “a bullet to the head would be quicker” with regards to removing Pelosi as Speaker of the House
  • executing FBI agents connected to the “Deep State”
  • hanging Obama and Clinton over the Iran nuclear deal

Other ridiculous comments made before Georgia elected her:

  • 9/11 was a government-run operation
  • Parkland school shooting was staged
  • Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin sexually assaulted and murdered a child, drank their blood, cut their face off and wore it as a mask

Hillary finally had a response.

Greene’s reply: “Actually, you should be in jail.”

Sounds like Kevin McCarthy should have a conversation with Marjorie.

The Guardian