COVID 19 UPDATES: 1 / 30 / 2021

Due to the expected spread of several NEW COVID VARIANTS, another spring surge is expected and the most widespread current model predicts a death toll of 594,000 to 620,000 by May 1st, or in other words, over 160,000 more deaths in the next 90 days.  And we won’t be out of the woods by then either; current expectations are for only 38% of the country to be vaccinated by early May.  Wear a helmet, troopers.


In the last week (7 days):

  • 1,118,075 new cases,  23,247 new deaths

So far this month (29 days):

  • 6,009,966 new cases,  93,060 new deaths

Since the pandemic began:

  • 26,512,193 total cases,   447,459 total deaths


  • America’s 7 day average positive test rate is down to 8.5%
  • 17 states + DC now have a positive test rate of 5% or less
  • 20 states have a positive test rate of 10% or higher
  • 7 states have a positive test rate of 20% or higher


  • currently hospitalized:  101,003
  • currently in ICU ward:  19,609
  • currently on ventilator:  6,483

Data compiled by, snake.

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