Police chief and officer gone after body cam footage shows the two using racial slurs

“I don’t own no slaves…” said one of the two officers talking on the body camera footage. “Now we give them food and they don’t want to work.”

The City of Hamilton’s Chief of Police resigned on the evening of Jan. 25, 2021, and another officer has been terminated following body cam footage that shows the two using racial slurs.

The Hamilton City Council asked for the resignation of Chief Gene Allmond and Sgt. John Brooks on Jan. 25 after they discovered an inappropriate bodycam video of them recorded hours before a Black Lives Matter March in Hamilton in June 2020.

A part time city employee was checking if the body camera was functional on Jan. 25. He found the footage and brought it to the attention of the Mayor’s Assistant, Buddy Walker, who then called in Mayor Julie Brown, the City Council, and City Attorney Ron Iddins.


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