Over 4 Million Without Power in Texas, At Least 6 Dead With Storms Across the U.S.

With plunging temperatures and unprecedented snow reaching deep into the South, at least six people died and over 4 million in Texas are left in the cold without power.

In Houston, a woman and a girl died from carbon monoxide poisoning at a home without electricity, and two more men likely died from the storm while roadside outside of Houston.

In North Carolina, a deadly tornado damaged at least 50 homes and killed at least three, injuring 10 others.

Much of east Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas were under winter storm warnings Tuesday in anticipation of the next round of snow and ice. In Dallas, the Weather Service said more ice and another 2 to 6 inches of snow were expected beginning Tuesday evening.

The Texas National Guard was deployed for welfare checks while bringing those in danger to warming centers.

Many Texans are asking why the largest energy producing state in the nation cannot produce enough energy to get through several days of below-freezing temperatures.

Equipment failure turned out to be much of the problem. Equipment literally froze and stopped working.

Meanwhile, in the Northeast on Tuesday, up to 10 inches of snow could fall in some areas, the Weather Service offices in New Hampshire and Maine said. Several more inches of snow are possible Thursday and Friday once the storm moves from the South to mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

USA Today and WFAA