President Biden will sign executive order expanding voting access; commemorating Selma’s 1965 ‘Bloody Sunday’ march

As Red States work diligently to suppress the vote under the guise of ‘election integrity’, President Biden will sign an executive order that aims at expanding voting rights. He will speak virtually at this year’s Martin and Coretta King Unity Breakfast planned for Sunday in Selma where he’s expected to say:

“Today, on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday, I am signing an executive order to make it easier for eligible voters to register to vote and to improve access to voting.” 

Biden’s order will require federal agencies to increase access to information about voting and to help states with voter registration. The order also calls for increased voting access for federal employees, service members, inmates, and people with disabilities.

Biden said he is urging Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act which was diminished in 2013 by a U.S. Supreme Court Ruling.

Although the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1-The For the People Act- last week, which would greatly expand access to the ballot box, it will die in the Senate because it needs sixty senators to pass it.

This weekend marks 56 years since civil rights marchers were attacked by Alabama state troopers on a day now known as “Bloody Sunday.” The annual commemoration will be different this year — there’s a pandemic, a new president and perhaps most notably, one missing voice.

On March, 7 1965, the late John Lewis and other civil rights leaders led a march from Selma to Montgomery to demonstrate for voting rights. While crossing onto the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the peaceful demonstrators, including Lewis, were brutally beaten by police.

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