White Arkansas Teacher Accused of Making Black Child Unclog Toilet With Hands

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. The boy’s mother, Ashley Murry, said on Tuesday that her 5-year-old told her about the incident over the weekend. His teacher at Crystal Hill Elementary School reportedly told him to clean out the toilet with his hands because he had used too much toilet paper. Murry said she was shocked when he told her and it has obviously bothered her son.

Murry spoke with the principal on Monday and had her son moved to a different class. She said his teacher has apologized. But Murry said she wants more than an apology.

The boy’s grandmother, Tami Murry, said in a Facebook post that the teacher did it to degrade and belittle him, either because he is Black or she didn’t like him.

“I don’t know if it’s racism or pure dislike for him, but something isn’t right,” the post says.

The Pulaski County Special School District  said that they are investigating and have placed the teacher on administrative leave.

Another mother of a child from the same school, said the same thing happened to her daughter last year with a different teacher.



The boy’s grandmother, Tami Murry, wrote on Facebook about the it:

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