Last Call: March 20, 2021

It’s official. IT’S SPRINGTIME! The days are a bit longer; the weather is a bit warmer; and everything is just so green.

We took a ride out to a nursery that has these wooden garden boxes I want and the landscape along the way was just so green and beautiful. I hope to borrow my son’s truck at some point next week and pick up about six containers. I’m also tempted to buy a cherry tree to put in one of the containers and maybe even a persimmon; providing the persimmon doesn’t become a monster. They can get huge.

I planted all my tomatoes and peppers in these boxes last year and they did very well; I want to do more this year. Right now, I have peas, onions, radishes, romaine, mixed greens, and spinach growing in them. Once they are done, in goes the tomatoes and peppers! I let the squash, both winter and summer, take over the ground level garden box, which is pretty big plus, the squash can spread out everywhere and piss off my husband.

The boxes in the back are what we already have and will buy more but a bigger size than what is shown. We are getting a few of the rectangular ones for strawberries. I have strawberries growing in pots on my patio but these will work much better.

So, Happy Vernal Equinox Day! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe. Please, please, please continue to wear your mask, practice social distancing, and use common sense. Don’t be a MAGAt.

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