Free Chat Friday, Week 14

Happy Friday, News Viewers, another week full of the News and our views, overshadowed by the daily live viewing of the trial of Derek Chauvin, an old issue (killed by cop) presented in a new way, cops testifying against cops and the typical “try the victim” approach that’s worked so well in the past. This past week we’ve seen a glimmer of hope –maybe justice? FINALLY justice?

All week has been like this — We the People watching our country try to find some kind of middle ground and do it without nothing but a broken to point us in the right direction. We’ve had daily shootings as if suddenly, crime is back; we’ve had the reawakening of the divisions over guns, crime, policing, and imprisonment, but we’ve also had daily contact with the President or his Press Secretary, telling us why they are doing what they do, what they need in order to do more, what the end goal is; that Republicans are welcome to start working for the country again, but if they continue to refuse, the work will still get done.

While the illegal and appalling antics of the Gaetz, DeSantis, Kemp, McConnell, MQT, Abbot, and Son of Guiliani continue, they are moving into the realm of background noise, listened to by attorneys general, and put in their places by consumers and corporations.

In other words, we might be seeing something we thought had gone forever — a glimmer of hope for a return to something like normalcy, or at least balance, at least repair, at least a crawling out of the hole rather than digging more deeply into that hole.,

Fill us in, folks, what’s going on in your world, in the world? What are your thoughts, concerns and what is your chrystal ball telling you? Lets talk……….