Ted Nugent Rants About ‘Satanic Haters’ Who Wished Him Dead During COVID Bout !

Nugent claims he has received letters that wish death to the family.

“Do you know that we’ve gotten letters from people hoping that my children die of COVID?” Nugent said in a gravelly voice, punctuated with an occasional cough or splutter.

“We’re getting better, thanks to the front-line doctors,” he said in a Facebook Live video, referring to himself and wife Shemane Deziel. “And we pray for the satanic haters out there who actually celebrate other people’s suffering.”

Nugent said the writers of the nasty letters and emails were Democrats.

“Democrats,” were the email and letter-writing culprits, the right-wing musician said with conviction. “Devils. Satanic monsters. Soulless, drunk on hate, evil, evil people.”

NY Daily News

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