Ohio Police Officer Runs Over Shooting Victim Who Called 911 For Help

Officer Amanda Rosales’ dash-cam video.


Officer Amanda Rosales was responding to the 911 call from Eric Cole, who called at 11:15 pm to say that he had been shot. “I’m in the middle of the street,” Cole told the dispatcher. “I’m about to die.” 

Cole remained on the phone with dispatchers as Rosales responded to the shooting. He told the dispatchers when he was hit with the patrol cruiser. 

“They just hit me,” Cole said.

“Who hit you?” the dispatcher asked Cole.

“The police,” he said.

◾️Eric Cole died shortly after he was run over.

◾️Police Chief Lee Graf defended his officer saying she was trying to catch addresses on the house.

◾️The cause and manner of his death were listed as pending. 

◾️The officer is on paid administrative leave.

CBS News


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