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Happy Monday, humans of the planet, and welcome to Free Range. . . . . Since Free Range is about the planet and all things on it, in it, around it, under it. . . . .in other words, all things prepositional, I thought today would be a good day to think outside the box re: our planetary home.

As we know, Florida Condos from the foundation up are crashing down; bridges, pedestrian walkways, pipes, mines, (you know, INFRASTRUCTURE)are buckling and bending under the strain of the weight of years, neglect, band-aids and incompetence. Since we are burdened with a Borg-like collection of Republicans who operate by the hive mind of malevolent and moronic leaders, we will have to think outside that box. . … . .

This is not real……

OK, how about moving underground? As we see temperatures rise and heat domes descend, as we see glaciers melt and oceans consume, as we see winds blow and shelters disintegrate, as reports of the daily crash and burn assail us in the news, maybe it’s time for a Plan B that does NOT involve Mars. . . . .

Step into the eerie world of underground living, where residents have built their very own homes and businesses into the chalky clay rocks in the Australian outback.The mining town of Coober Pedy in South Australia’s far north, comes complete with churches, museums, art galleries, a bar and even hotels for travelers to get the underground life first-hand.
Homeless men living underground in Wuhan City, China
If not underground maybe an underwater city?. (Artist rendering)

Do you notice something missing? Ah yes, the animals living with us underground, my favorite (NOT) the hideous mole, tearing up my yard as we speak. Free Range is Free Chat, home home on the range, even if we make that home underground. . . .. What’s going on NV community? Share and share aplenty–