Rep. Clay Higgin (GQP-LA) announces he’s sick with COVID-19 for the second time

In a post made on Facebook, Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins announced he has contracted COVID-19 for the second time. Higgins called COVID-19 a “biological attack weaponized virus” from China and his second round of the virus has proved “far more challenging” than what he had back in January 2020. However, it’s unclear if his first round of COVID-19 was ever confirmed. Higgins said Sunday that he developed Covid-19 “before the world knew what it was.” Both Higgins’ wife and son have also contracted the deadly virus as well.

“We are all under excellent care, and our prognosis is positive,” he said. “We are very healthy generally speaking, and our treatment of any health concern always encompasses western, eastern, and holistic variables.”

Higgins has encouraged people to get vaccinated, though he has not publicly said whether he is inoculated. In April, he told the American Press editorial board that he has “natural immunity” because he had contracted Covid-19 before.

His announcement comes as so many members of the GQP and the media outlets they drain their brain on “remain fractured over their vaccination messaging amid a surge in coronavirus infections that public health officials have said is being driven by the unvaccinated. Louisiana has had one of the highest rates of new infections in the country and the lowest vaccination rates.”

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