Liveblog - In case you missed it: Headlines 07/29/21

With so many crazy things happening, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Here are some headlines that you may find interesting and worth discussing. Please feel free to post ‘headlines’ you would like to share that we may have missed.

President Biden/Biden Administration:

Roll up your sleeves, federal employees:

  • Biden poised to ramp up mileage rules for cars and trucks
    • Eventually reinstates and exceeds Obama’s efficiency standards, undone under Trump.


Sister don’t play:

Lock her up! Lock her Up!

  • House Freedom Caucus wants Cheney, Kinzinger kicked out of Republican conference
    • The effort to remove the lawmakers comes after the two Republicans accepted appointments from Pelosi to be on the Jan. 6 select committee.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will use his campaign funds to pay for radio ads in Kentucky encouraging people to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

  • All But 5% Of U.S. Capitol Sculptures Are Of Men. Some Senators Want To Change That

Deep sigh 🙄:


How to trigger a *fullish* Wing Nut: Correct his Fake News-

After months of decline, cases of Covid-19 infection are once again rising around the country. But data shows that the biggest increases are in states that are lagging behind in vaccinations.

Nationwide, the four-week Covid case count has more than doubled as of Monday from the previous four weeks, according to NBC News’ tally. While cases are rising everywhere because of higher transmission levels of the delta variant, the steepest increases have been in the South and Southeast, where Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina are dealing with the biggest outbreaks in the nation.

Yes, Chris, this Guido sounds like an idiot because he IS an idiot!


  • The U.S. economy is bigger than it was pre-pandemic, but Covid could still decide what happens next:
    • Slower-than-expected second quarter growth raises questions about the growth pace in the second half of the year.
  • But even so, the economy has rebounded and is now bigger than it was pre-pandemic and economists mostly expect strong gains in the second half.
  • Covid is still a wild card that could shape the course.
  • Thee U.S. isn’t dealing with a “labor” shortage, according to Marc Perrone, the president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW). The problem, he said, is the gap between the compensation employers are offering and what workers are willing to work for, an issue that has been further complicated by threats posed by the coronavirus.
  • “I don’t think it’s a labor shortage,” Perrone told Newsweek. “I think it’s a wage shortage—especially in retail.”

White ISIS/MAGAts/ White Supremacists/Wing Nut Watch/GUNZ!:

Speaking of idiots:

MAGAts gonna MAGAt:

Another group of idiots to be on the lookout for:

The Former Guy:

Former President Trump lashed out at Senate Republicans on Thursday after the upper chamber voted to take up debate on a bipartisan infrastructure package, accusing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and “RINOs,” short for “Republicans in name only,” of surrendering to Democrats.

“Under the weak leadership of Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans continue to lose,” Trump said in a statement. “He lost Arizona, he lost Georgia, he ignored Election Fraud and he doesn’t fight.” 

“Now he’s giving Democrats everything they want and getting nothing in return,” he continued. “No deal is better than a bad deal. Fight for America, not for special interests and Radical Democrats. RINOs are ruining America, right alongside Communist Democrats.”  

The Hill:

Other News:

  • A newborn baby shocked doctors after an x-ray revealed she carried a twin fetus inside her stomach. 
  • The case, known as a fetus-in-fetu, occurs once in every 500,000 births, according to The Times of Israel.
  • First sign of animal life on Earth may be a sponge fossil
    • Researchers found thin sections of rock containing three-dimensional structures that resemble modern sponge skeletons, hinting at how — and when — life first emerged.


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