GUNZ: 2 Year Old Boy Hit in Ear with Fragment After Mother’s Gun Goes Off at Restaurant

Not the actual purse, duh.

SAN ANTONIO — A toddler was injured in a shooting at a restaurant on the south side on Sunday, police said. The 2-year-old boy was shot in the ear by metal fragments of a chair when a pistol in the mother’s purse accidentally discharged, according to preliminary information released by the San Antonio Police Department.

When officers arrived on the scene, witnesses at the restaurant told them a gun went off and struck a child in the ear and the parents left the location to get help for their child.

SAPD said officers secured the scene of the incident and began to look for the vehicle the child left in. A short time later, the family arrived at Mission Trails Baptist Hospital. Detectives said after speaking with the father and mother of the child, they determined that the mother had a pistol in her purse, which had fallen off a chair causing the pistol to accidentally discharge. The shot struck the metal part of a chair, which caused fragments to strike the child in the right ear, police said.

No charges have been filed.


In a slightly different version:

The boy is 3. 

The incident happened Sunday afternoon at a restaurant on S. New Braunfels and SE Military, when a Floresville family of five–two parents and three kids–went inside.

Police said the mother tossed her purse onto a chair, which had a gun inside, causing it to discharge. The bullet struck metal on the chair and pieces of the chair then struck the child in his ear, according to officials.

It’s unclear if the woman had a license to carry, and no other injuries were reported.


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